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Better Cities Committee is the chapter of Common Ground U S A Inc. for Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Until September 23, 2019, the chapter was called Better Cities Committee of Illinois, but was renamed because Indiana had been added. Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin were added in 2020.

Better Cities Committee is an Illinois not-for-profit corporation founded February 26, 1971. BCC is a membership organization. BCC gets funding from the following sources: membership dues, sales of video and audio productions, grants, and donations.

The purpose of BCC is: "To promote the cause of reforming and restructuring the property tax in order to further the orderly development of our cities and eradicate slums. To educate the public and to disseminate information in regard to the above endeavors, to hold meetings and social events and publish media including video, electronic and print."

BCC is a member of Council of Georgist Organizations, Inc.

Activities: BCC produces videos and audios, holds an annual meeting and social events, and researches such topics as affordable housing and urban sprawl. It is networked with other like minded groups.

Future plans are to host forums addressing contemporary community problems.

Officers and directors

Sue Walton, president

Scott Walton, vice-president and treasurer

Jeff Graubart, secretary

Carol Scotton, director


As of annual meeting January 15, 2022